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Kickstart your career at Talent for Biz

Our aim is to connect young and promising talents with global Turkish companies, which seek creative minds for their operations. If you are studying or have recently graduated, Talent for Biz is the perfect opportunity to catch career opportunities and be a part of top Turkish companies.

  • Meet face-to-face with top Turkish employers from a wide range of sectors and make a great first impression.
  • Learn more about them with information sessions, and find out about their graduate opportunities.
  • Get invited to one-on-one and group interviews

There will be four Talent for Biz destinations in 2019. 

  • 5-6th of April – Cologne – Pullman Hotel
  • 27th of April – London – Institute of Directors (IoD)
  • 4th of May – Tashkent – Hyatt Regency
  • 25th of May  – Johannesburg (Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton)


What does Talent for Bız offer to you?

You will be able to network with global Turkish companies, attend to their workshops and presentations, get invited to interviews, and even find your future career!

Companies will introduce their brands, projects as well as career opportunities to you.
Opportunity to contact directly with company representatives and be able to discuss the career opportunities by visiting the stands.
During the event, participant companies will be conducting group or one-on-one interviews. You will be available to apply for job and internships postings that your are interested through ``Talent Gate`` before the event.
A platform will be designed to give you the chance to share your genuine and innovative projects with C-level executives.


– All majors and degree levels undergraduates and graduates.

– Current students and fresh graduates interested in finding an internship and/or full-time employment after graduation.

– Current students and graduates interested in networking with Turkish companies.

-The event is completely free to attend.

-The only thing you need to do is to create an account on “Talent Gate”, so that you can register for the event and visit the stands of the companies. Use the link below to create an account:


-If you want to attend information sessions, or to be invited to interviews for job opportunities, apply for the ones you are interested through “Talent Gate”, but keep in mind that you have to upload your resume to do so. You can complete your profile on the platform, as it would tell more about you for the companies.

-With the resume you uploaded, you can apply for the positions of the attending companies on “Talent Gate”. Companies will inform you about the time and place of the meeting if they find you eligible for the positions. So please check your e-mail regularly!


-See the participant companies above.

  1. Update your resume and upload it to “Talent Gate”.
  2. Research the companies you are interested in. You will want to know what the company does, what positions they have available, and how your skills fit with each position. This knowledge can give you an advantage over other job seekers.
  3. Research on Turkey.
  4. Come up with a few questions to ask each employer.
  5. Practice your handshake and a quick introduction.
  6. Practice your interview skills.

-We recommend dressing up smartly, in which you feel comfortable. First impression matters!

-Recruitment managers and specialists are coming from Turkey just for a day to meet you! You have to be there in person to interview with the companies face-to-face to be considered for any of the positions. Companies may invite you to interviews on stand visits as well. We do not want you to miss this chance!

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